In-depth prospect research and wealth and asset assessment, using the most advanced technology and tools, is affordable.

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Prospect Research & Development Strategies
  • Custom prospect research and prospect profiling
  • Wealth and asset assessment
  • Prospect identification and wealth/capability qualifications
  • Relationship networks 
  • Small batch wealth screening
  • Due diligence and legal investigation
  • Corporate research
  • Foundation research

Over the last 16 years Laura Solla and Prospect Research and Development Strategies has assisted over 200 clients across the U.S., Canada, and U.K. raise over $1 billion through custom prospect research services and solutions.

Prospect Research & Development Strategies was founded in 1999 by Laura A. Solla to provide comprehensive prospect research services to the nonprofit and fund development community.  

Clients range from 
  • cultural, arts and humanities organizations
  • private schools and higher education institutions
  • hospital systems
  • grassroots organizations
  • health and human services agencies
  • conservation and land preservation
  • historic preservation
  • public radio and television
  • trade associations
  • fundraising consulting firms

As a testament to the superior customer service and technical skill clients receive, a significant portion of new business stems directly from client referrals. Many clients are regular and recurring customers. 

You can be assured Laura A. Solla, Prospect Research & Development Strategies will provide you the most accurate, most comprehensive research possible - and with quick affordable results!